The study of important environmental and engineering flows can benefit from more realistic modeling. Accordingly, grain storage and drying as well as flows over layers of vegetation can be characterized by some sort of porous structure through which a fluid permeates. For such hybrid media, involving both a porous structure and a clear flow region, difficulties arise due to the proper mathematical treatment given at the macroscopic interface. The literature proposes a jump condition in which shear stresses on both sides of the interface are not of the same value. This paper presents numerical solutions for such hybrid medium, considering here a channel partially filled with a porous layer through which fluid flows in turbulent regime. Here, diffusion fluxes of both momentum and turbulent kinetic energy across the interface present a discontinuity in their values, which is based on a certain jump coefficient. Effects of such jump parameter on mean and turbulence fields around the interface regions are numerically investigated. Results indicate that depending on the value of the stress jump parameter, a substantially different structure for the turbulent field is obtained.

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