A two-dimensional computer code is developed for shipping water on deck using a particle method. The method used in Moving Particle Semi-implicit (MPS) method which can be applied to incompressible flow with free surfaces. Since grids are nor necessary, fluid separation and merging are calculated without grid distortion. Numerical diffusion does not take place due to Lagrangian description of the moving particles. An experiment is carried out in two dimensions in order to verify the code. The developed code is applied to this experiment. A linear wave of 7cm height and 69cm width is generated with the average depth of 30cm. A rectangular step of 32cm height is located in front of the wave. The step is covered with water when the wave impinges on the step. The calculated water behaviour agrees well with that of the experiment. The volume of shipping water is also in good agreement with the experiment. Sensitivities with respect to spatial resolution, the number of waves and the wave height are studied.

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