This investigation examines the surface-pressure fluctuations and associated flow structures spatiotemporally in the developing flow downstream of the reattachment point of a fence-with-splitter-plate flow. Simultaneous measurements of the wall-pressure and velocity field were undertaken using a 16-microphone array, extending over the streamwise range 1.67 < x/Xr < 3.33 (where Xr is the mean reattachment length), and X-hotwire sensor at two Reynolds numbers of 8000 and 16000, based on the fence height above the splitter plate. The array data were used to obtain the wavenumber-frequency spectrum of the wall-pressure fluctuation. The results illustrate that Taylor hypothesis of frozen eddies reasonably describes the flow in the investigated zone. This allowed utilization of the time-dependent LSE of the velocity field to estimate the spatial structure of the flow above the microphone array. The results confirm the association of the most-energetic pressure fluctuation with the passage of quasi-periodic vortices.

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