The transport of mass and momentum induced by an axisymmetric circular jet impinging on a flat surface has been investigated using a combined PIV/LIF technique. The two techniques were deployed in a water tank that housed two circular flat plates with a centrally located submerged jet issuing normally from one of them. The submerged jet was operated at fixed flow rate conditions, and subjected to a small constant injection of a Rhodamine solution to generate the LIF. Injection of the Rhodamine solution was performed after the water jet had reached hydrodynamic steady state conditions. The jet Reynolds number was varied from the laminar to the moderately turbulent flow regime of a fully developed pipe jet. The influence of rotating the impingement plate was also investigated. The measurements, for a fixed distance of the jet nozzle from the surface, reveal the flow structure and give insight into the transport of mass and momentum as a function of Re and impingement plate rotation.

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