This effort presents the application of an experimental high frequency and time-resolved global optical flow diagnostics for the characterization of pulsed spray flows. Such flows are encountered during active control of thermoacoustic instabilities, where high-bandwidth fuel modulation is often utilized to disrupt the combustor acoustic and unsteady heat release coupling. The understanding of spray dynamics is thus of paramount importance for these active control methodologies in order to achieve optimum control authority. A novel time-resolved Digital Particle Image Velocimetry (TRDPIV) implementation is employed for the dynamic investigation of the modulated spray. The method can measure both the droplet velocities as well as the droplet size distribution, from the same recorded images. The method provides planar image based droplet sizing using Mie scattering from DPIV measurements, with >5KHz sampling rate. Thus, eliminating complicated experimental approaches based on interferometer or fluorescence-Mie ratio. This paper presents the results of drop size characterization. Data processing is performed using different particle size evaluation schemes. The results are compared with measurements acquired from Phase Doppler Anemometry (PDA), conducted under same the experimental conditions. Experiments are conducted in non-reacting quiescent conditions, using an industrial simplex nozzle. The proportional spray modulation is obtained using a throttle valve-piezoelectric stack actuation system. The measurements for the current DPIV work are obtained under different pulsing amplitudes and frequencies. The results indicate that time-resolved DPIV can be a valuable tool in investigating dynamic response of modulated sprays.

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