The effects of the mean velocity profiles on the instability characteristics in the near-injector region of axisymmetric low-density gas jets injected vertically upwards into a high-density gas medium were investigated using linear inviscid stability analysis. The flow was assumed to be isothermal and locally parallel. Three velocity profiles, signifying different changes in the mean velocity in the shear layer, were used in the analysis. The effects of the inhomogeneous shear layer and the Froude number (signifying the effects of gravity) on the instability for each set of mean profiles were delineated. At a large Froude number (negligible gravity), a critical density ratio was found for the three profiles at which the jet became absolutely unstable. The critical density ratio for each velocity profile was increased as the Froude number was reduced. A critical Froude number was found for the three sets of profiles, below which the jet was absolutely unstable for all the density ratios less than unity, which demarcated the jet flow into the momentum-driven regime and the buoyancy-driven regime.

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