This investigation in a porous circular cavity driven by heating in the horizontal direction is analyzed by a self-consistence boundary layer theory. We use Darcy’s law for this cavity filled with porous material. The solution is governed by dimensionless parameter Darcy-Rayleigh number. There are a lot of ways to approach boundary layer limit see Mansour [1]. Our model is based on the fact that the convective flow of fluid driven by buoyancy is carried entirely by the cross-flow in the core. In other words, we assume a thermally stratified core. This model is based on analyses of a rectangular cavity containing a viscous fluid (Gill [2]) carried over to porous material (Weber [3], Walker et al [4]). The global heat flux, the Nusselt number, is found asymptotically as the 1/2 power of Darcy-Rayleigh number, which is in consistence with other Results.

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