Accelerator targets, both for radioisotope production and for neutron sources generate thermal energy at very high density due to the absorption of the particles beam in the target material. Total power is in the order of 10–50 kW. Average heat fluxes are about 1 kW/cm2 and maximum values can exceed 5 kW/cm2. The design of these targets requires efficient heat removal techniques in order to preserve the integrity of the target. Experimental cooling loops based on water and liquid gallium jet impingement have been designed in order to evaluate the actual potential of jet impingement for high heat flux cooling. The water cooling system is already operational and initial results have demonstrated a cooling capacity of 5 kW with average heat flux of 0.5 kW/cm2 and a maximum of about 1 kW/cm2 with a total target area of 10 cm2. In order to test the system at higher power level we build an electron gun heat source that is designed to provide up to 20 kW heating power.

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