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Proceedings Papers

ASME 2019 Heat Transfer Summer Conference

AIChE Symposium in Honor of Professor Peter C. Wayner, Jr.

Computational Heat Transfer

Applications of Computational Heat Transfer

Methods in Computational Heat Transfer

Environmental Heat Transfer

Fire and Combustion Systems

Fire and Combustion

Gas Turbine Heat Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer in Chemical Processing (Sponsored by AIChE)

Heat Transfer Equipment

Heat Transfer Equipment

Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment

Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Heat Transfer in Solar Thermal and Solar PV Systems

Mini-Symposium on Thermal Management and Storage

Waste Heat Recovery and Power Harvesting

Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems

Heat Transfer Under Extreme Conditions

Nanoscale Transport Phenomena

Micro/Nanoscale Phase Change Heat Transfer

Nanoscale Thermal Radiation

Theory and Fundamental Research in Heat Transfer

Fundamentals of Phase-Change Flows, Convection, and Multi-Scale Heat Transfer

Thermophysical Properties

Measurements of Thermophysical Properties

Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing and Manufacturing

Visualization of Heat Transfer

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