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Proceedings Papers

Proceedings Volume Cover
ASME 2017 Heat Transfer Summer Conference
July 9–12, 2017
Bellevue, Washington, USA
Conference Sponsors:
  • Heat Transfer Division
Volume 2: Heat Transfer Equipment; Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems; Heat Transfer Under Extreme Conditions; Nanoscale Transport Phenomena; Theory and Fundamental Research in Heat Transfer; Thermophysical Properties; Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing and Manufacturing

Heat Transfer Equipment

Heat Exchangers and Enhanced Heat Transfer

HT 2017; V002T10A001doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A002doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A003doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A004doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A005doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A006doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A007doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A008doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A009doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A010doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A011doi:

Multi-Scale Multi-Phase Heat Transfer in Equipment

HT 2017; V002T10A012doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A013doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A014doi:
HT 2017; V002T10A015doi:

Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems

Boiling Heat Transfer

HT 2017; V002T11A001doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A002doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A003doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A004doi:

Condensation Heat Transfer

HT 2017; V002T11A005doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A006doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A007doi:

Evaporation Heat Transfer

HT 2017; V002T11A008doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A009doi:

Heat Pipes

HT 2017; V002T11A010doi:

Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems

HT 2017; V002T11A011doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A012doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A013doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A014doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A015doi:

Simulation of Phase Change Heat Transfer

HT 2017; V002T11A016doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A017doi:
HT 2017; V002T11A018doi:

Heat Transfer Under Extreme Conditions


HT 2017; V002T12A001doi:
HT 2017; V002T12A002doi:

Thermal Transport Under High Temperature and/or Pressure Conditions

HT 2017; V002T12A003doi:
HT 2017; V002T12A004doi:

Nanoscale Transport Phenomena

Nanoscale Heat Conduction

HT 2017; V002T13A001doi:
HT 2017; V002T13A002doi:
HT 2017; V002T13A003doi:

Nanoscale Thermal Radiation

HT 2017; V002T13A004doi:
HT 2017; V002T13A005doi:
HT 2017; V002T13A006doi:
HT 2017; V002T13A007doi:

Phase-Change Heat Transfer at Micro/Nano-Scale

HT 2017; V002T13A008doi:
HT 2017; V002T13A009doi:
HT 2017; V002T13A010doi:

Theory and Fundamental Research in Heat Transfer

Fundamentals of Nanomaterials and Nanostructures for Energy Applications

HT 2017; V002T14A001doi:

Fundamentals of Natural and Forced Convection

HT 2017; V002T14A002doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A003doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A004doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A005doi:

K8/K9 Joint Fundamentals of Boiling/Condensation Including Micro-/Nano-Scale Effects

HT 2017; V002T14A006doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A007doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A008doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A009doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A010doi:

K8/K9 Joint Fundamentals of Micro/Nanoscale Heat Transport

HT 2017; V002T14A011doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A012doi:
HT 2017; V002T14A013doi:

Thermophysical Properties

Measurement Methods and Techniques

HT 2017; V002T15A001doi:

Theory, Modeling and Simulation of Thermophysical Properties

HT 2017; V002T15A002doi:
HT 2017; V002T15A003doi:

Thermophysical Property Measurements

HT 2017; V002T15A004doi:
HT 2017; V002T15A005doi:
HT 2017; V002T15A006doi:
HT 2017; V002T15A007doi:
HT 2017; V002T15A008doi:

Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing and Manufacturing

Modeling and Characterization of Thermal Transport Phenomena in Processing Materials Using Moving Heat Sources

HT 2017; V002T16A001doi:
HT 2017; V002T16A002doi:
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