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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Aerospace Heat Transfer; Computational Heat Transfer; Education; Environmental Heat Transfer; Fire and Combustion Systems; Gas Turbine Heat Transfer; Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment; Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Aerospace Heat Transfer

Aerospace and Aeronautic Heat Transfer and Applications

Computational Heat Transfer

Applications of Computational Heat Transfer

Mini-Symposium in Honor of Frank Harlow’s Contributions to Computational Heat Transfer


Graduate Student Research Poster Competition

Environmental Heat Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer in Built and Natural Environment

Fire and Combustion Systems

Simulation of High Temperature Reacting Systems

Gas Turbine Heat Transfer

General Gas Turbine Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment

Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment Including Mobile Devices, Data Centers, LEDs, Photonics, etc.

Thermal Model Validation, Modeling and Simulation of Electronic Equipment

Two and Single Phase Cooling of Electronics Including Microchannels, Jet Impingement, Spot Cooling, etc.

Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Analysis of Cooling, Heating and Power Systems/Components

Mini-Symposium on Solar Energy Science and Technology in Honor of Prof. Yogi Goswami

Radiative Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Two-Phase Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Waste Heat Recovery for Energy Systems

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