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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Aerospace Heat Transfer; Computational Heat Transfer; Education; Environmental Heat Transfer; Fire and Combustion Systems; Gas Turbine Heat Transfer; Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment; Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Aerospace Heat Transfer

Aerospace and Aeronautic Heat Transfer and Applications

HT 2017; V001T01A001doi:
HT 2017; V001T01A002doi:
HT 2017; V001T01A003doi:

Computational Heat Transfer

Applications of Computational Heat Transfer

HT 2017; V001T02A001doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A002doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A003doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A004doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A005doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A006doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A007doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A008doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A009doi:
HT 2017; V001T02A010doi:

Mini-Symposium in Honor of Frank Harlow’s Contributions to Computational Heat Transfer

HT 2017; V001T02A011doi:


Graduate Student Research Poster Competition

HT 2017; V001T03A001doi:

Environmental Heat Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer in Built and Natural Environment

HT 2017; V001T04A001doi:
HT 2017; V001T04A002doi:
HT 2017; V001T04A003doi:
HT 2017; V001T04A004doi:

Fire and Combustion Systems

Simulation of High Temperature Reacting Systems

HT 2017; V001T05A001doi:
HT 2017; V001T05A002doi:
HT 2017; V001T05A003doi:

Gas Turbine Heat Transfer

General Gas Turbine Heat Transfer

HT 2017; V001T06A001doi:
HT 2017; V001T06A002doi:
HT 2017; V001T06A003doi:
HT 2017; V001T06A004doi:

Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment

Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment Including Mobile Devices, Data Centers, LEDs, Photonics, etc.

HT 2017; V001T08A001doi:
HT 2017; V001T08A002doi:
HT 2017; V001T08A003doi:

Thermal Model Validation, Modeling and Simulation of Electronic Equipment

HT 2017; V001T08A004doi:
HT 2017; V001T08A005doi:

Two and Single Phase Cooling of Electronics Including Microchannels, Jet Impingement, Spot Cooling, etc.

HT 2017; V001T08A006doi:
HT 2017; V001T08A007doi:
HT 2017; V001T08A008doi:
HT 2017; V001T08A009doi:

Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Analysis of Cooling, Heating and Power Systems/Components

HT 2017; V001T09A001doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A002doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A003doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A004doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A005doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A006doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A007doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A008doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A009doi:

Mini-Symposium on Solar Energy Science and Technology in Honor of Prof. Yogi Goswami

HT 2017; V001T09A010doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A011doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A012doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A013doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A014doi:

Radiative Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

HT 2017; V001T09A015doi:

Two-Phase Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

HT 2017; V001T09A016doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A017doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A018doi:

Waste Heat Recovery for Energy Systems

HT 2017; V001T09A019doi:
HT 2017; V001T09A020doi:
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