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Volume 2: Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems; Gas Turbine Heat Transfer; Manufacturing and Materials Processing; Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment; Heat and Mass Transfer in Biotechnology; Heat Transfer Under Extreme Conditions; Computational Heat Transfer; Heat Transfer Visualization Gallery; General Papers on Heat Transfer; Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer; Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing and Materials Processing

Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems

Boiling Heat Transfer

HT 2016; V002T08A001doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A002doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A003doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A004doi:

Condensation Heat Transfer

HT 2016; V002T08A005doi:

Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems

HT 2016; V002T08A006doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A007doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A008doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A009doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A010doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A011doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A012doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A013doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A014doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A015doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A016doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A017doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A018doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A019doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A020doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A021doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A022doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A023doi:

Thin Film Evaporation

HT 2016; V002T08A024doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A025doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A026doi:
HT 2016; V002T08A027doi:

Gas Turbine Heat Transfer

HT 2016; V002T09A001doi:

Manufacturing and Materials Processing

Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing and Materials Processing

HT 2016; V002T10A001doi:
HT 2016; V002T10A002doi:

Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment

Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment (Mobile Devices, LEDs, Photonics, etc.)

HT 2016; V002T11A001doi:
HT 2016; V002T11A002doi:
HT 2016; V002T11A003doi:
HT 2016; V002T11A004doi:
HT 2016; V002T11A005doi:
HT 2016; V002T11A006doi:
HT 2016; V002T11A007doi:

Heat Transfer in Energy Conversion Technologies (PV, TE, and Other Renewable Technologies)

HT 2016; V002T11A008doi:
HT 2016; V002T11A009doi:

Heat and Mass Transfer in Biotechnology

BioTransport at the Nano- and Micro- Scale

HT 2016; V002T12A001doi:

Heat Transfer Under Extreme Conditions

HT 2016; V002T13A001doi:
HT 2016; V002T13A002doi:
HT 2016; V002T13A003doi:
HT 2016; V002T13A004doi:

Computational Heat Transfer

Computational Heat Transfer Industrial Applications

HT 2016; V002T15A001doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A002doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A003doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A004doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A005doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A006doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A007doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A008doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A009doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A010doi:

Computational Heat Transfer Methods and Algorithms

HT 2016; V002T15A011doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A012doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A013doi:
HT 2016; V002T15A014doi:

Mesoscale Modeling and Simulation of Fluid and Heat Transfer

HT 2016; V002T15A015doi:

Optimization and Numerical Modeling of Energy Systems

HT 2016; V002T15A016doi:

Heat Transfer Visualization Gallery

HT 2016; V002T17A001doi:

General Papers on Heat Transfer

HT 2016; V002T20A001doi:
HT 2016; V002T20A002doi:

Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

HT 2016; V002T21A001doi:
HT 2016; V002T21A002doi:
HT 2016; V002T21A003doi:
HT 2016; V002T21A004doi:
HT 2016; V002T21A005doi:

Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing and Materials Processing

HT 2016; V002T22A001doi:
HT 2016; V002T22A002doi:
HT 2016; V002T22A003doi:
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