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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Heat Transfer in Energy Systems; Thermophysical Properties; Theory and Fundamental Research in Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Computational and Experimental Thermal Radiation

Heat and Mass Transfer in Cooling, Heating and Power Systems

Heat Transfer in Solar Energy Systems

Multi-Physics Modeling of Energy Systems

Nanomaterials for Energy

Thermal Energy Storage and the Smart Grid

Waste Heat Harvesting

Thermophysical Properties

Thermophysical Properties of Solids and Fluids

Topics: Emissivity

Theory and Fundamental Research in Heat Transfer

Fundamentals of Coupled Energy Conversion and Transport

Fundamentals of Nanoscale Heat Transport

Fundamentals of Phase Change

Fundamentals of Radiative Transport

Fundamentals of Single Phase Convection

Heat Transfer Physics: A Symposium in Honor of Professor Massoud Kaviany’s 65th Birthday

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