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Proceedings Papers

ASME/JSME 2007 Thermal Engineering Heat Transfer Summer Conference, Volume 3

Computational Heat Transfer in Interfacial Phenomena

Biothermal-Fluid Science and Engineering

Fundamentals of Porous Media Transport

Heat Transfer in Fuel Cells

Heat and Mass Transfer in the Natural and Built Environment

Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing and Manufacturing

Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media in the Environment

Transport Phenomena in Laser Material Interaction and Processing

Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment

Coal and Biomass Combustion

Heat Pipes

High Heat Flux Phase Change Heat Transfer

Fundamentals of Heat Transfer in Biosystems

Radiation Heat Transfer in Energy Systems

Heat Conduction

Fundamentals of Single Phase Convection

Gas Turbine Heat Transfer

Experiments and Chemical Kinetics

Fundamentals of Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems

Heat and Mass Transfer in Extreme Environments

Measurements and Diagnostics

Thermal Radiation

Thermal Engineering in Engines, Thermoelectric or Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Systems

Heat and Mass Transfer in Air Conditioners

Keynote Papers

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