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Proceedings Papers

ASME/JSME 2007 Thermal Engineering Heat Transfer Summer Conference, Volume 2

Heat and Mass Transfer in Fuel Cells

Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques

Multiphase Heat Transfer

Thermal Properties in Micro/Nano-Scale Systems

Transport Phenomena in Micro- and Nano-Scale Materials Processing and Manufacturing

Electronic Devices and Manufacturing in Micro/Nano-Scale Systems

Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer

Fundamentals of Electronic Cooling

Microscale/Nanoscale Transport in Energy Systems

Advances in Computational Heat Exchanger Design

Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems

Multiphase Heat and Mass Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer in Reactors

Convection in Electronics Cooling

Heat Transfer in Electronic Devices and Information Technology

Fundamentals of Heat Transfer in Micro/Nano Systems

Computational Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems

Advanced Technologies in Electronics Cooling

Micro/Mini Channels and Nanotechnology

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