This paper numerically investigates the effect of slots on the performance of a highly subsonic axial flow compressor. The axial flow compressor consisting of 21 rotor blades with NACA 65 series blade profile was used for the simulations. The present results were obtained using different turbulence models and shear stress transport model was found to be the best one. Studies were conducted to determine the influence of length, depth and skew angle of the slot on the compressor performance. The slot width and centre-to-centre distance between the successive slots were maintained at 6.3% Ca and 11% Ca, respectively. The present study was carried out at different slot lengths (0 to 100% of axial chord, 20 to 100% of axial chord and 40 to 100% of axial chord), slot depths (7.9, 11 and 15.7% Ca) and skew angles (0°, 30°, 45° and 60°). The slot length of 20 to 100% of Ca, depth of 15.7% Ca and skew angle of 60° resulted in the best compressor performance leading to 22.1% stall margin improvement. Subsequently, flow characteristics were studied without and with slots.

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