In recent years, Aerospace technology has seen a paradigm shift towards Data analytics. Design, manufacturing, aftermarket and operations found importance of data analytics in reducing cost. Manufactures are developing Data Analytic based tools which help in optimizing their processes and reduce lead time. Engine, aircraft manufactures along with airliners are working together to improve customer experience. This paper, covers topics related to engine manufactures point of view. Engine manufactures can apply data analytics in concept initiation, concept optimization, preliminary, detailed and validation phases. Manufactures can optimize supply chain management using data analytics. Major gas turbine manufactures are persistent to enhance intelligence in aerospace product life cycle. Data analytics in aerospace engineering also helps in making predictions based upon descriptive patterns from huge data. Since, the aircraft industry is expecting a seven-fold increase in air traffic by 2050. The future demand of aircraft engine production would drive industries to adopt to big data in helping decision making and dynamic production capabilities. This paper helps in identifying different data analytics application in gas turbine product life cycle. Specifically in aero thermal discipline, which would help in increasing efficiency, optimizing design and result in reducing cost. This paper takes the reader through the application of gas turbine as a systematic and concise article. The future scope of the paper would include a test case explaining the application more in detail using data analytics.

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