The paper presents the results of numerical simulation of air flow through a modernized variant of the inlet filter unit (IFU) of the gas compressor unit GPA-Ts-16. A feature of the IFU design is that to reduce the load on the filter unit, it is proposed to be as compact as possible, which determines its complex shape.

The goal of the study is to study the hydraulic losses and to develop the measures to reduce them, since it is found that every 100 Pa of losses in the inlet unit increases the consumption of fuel gas by 2.5 kg/h or reduces the engine power by 10.5 kW.

Calculations of hydraulic losses in IFU are carried out for cases of absence or presence of wind with a velocity from 0 to 35 m/s, blowing from 5 main directions (0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°). Studies are also carried out on the effect of the weather shield shape, presence of baffles under it, and the rack in the shaft on the hydraulic losses.

As a result of the research, recommendations are provided for designing (changing the shape) of the inlet filter unit that eventually allow to propose a design that will reduce the hydraulic losses in IFU by 15% relative to the originally suggested variant.

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