In the present research article results on wind turbine blade tip vortex have been presented, the measurements have been done behind a model scale of horizontal axis wind turbine rotor. The rotor used for flow characterization is a three-bladed having NACA0012 cross-section, the study has been performed for low range tip speed ratio of 0–2 and wind speeds range of 3–6 m/s. The investigation has been conducted specifically to near wake regime, which is often expressed as the region of regular helical vortex structures. Although this nature of regular helical vortex pattern has always been a question of debate with respect to changes in the flow condition, rotor geometry and point of measurements. A systematic experiment was done mainly on the frequency of vortex shedding through hot-wire anemometry (HWA), and the corresponding frequency is express in terms of Strouhal number. Present article work within near wake regime includes tip vortex shedding stability analysis for different blade pitch angle and flow condition. From the systematic experimental observation, the evaluated data indicate that the Strouhal number has an incremental trend when the blade pitch angle is close to 40°, and above it inconsistency in frequency response is observed.

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