This paper presents the methodology and results of an experimental analysis of combustion in a gas turbine combustor. The experimental setup is designed to imitate the conditions of a working gas turbine engine (GT), using an actual gas turbine combustor. Air is supplied by a heavy-duty air compressor at a maximum pressure of 7 bar to the combustor through an air pipe catering to the developing length. The air flow rate is measured using an ASME standard Venturimeter along with a manometer. The air flow rate and pressure are controlled by a combination of air outlet valve placed before developing length and by a throttle orifice in the exhaust duct at combustor outlet. Diesel fuel used in the experiments is provided at required atomizing pressure by a gear pump. Mass flow rate and pressure of fuel is controlled by combination of valves and varying the speed of gear pump using a variable speed electric motor. Combustion is initiated in a conventional pilot ignition unit using a spark plug and fuel burner. Fuel flow rate is measured accurately using a unique catch and time measuring system at the inlet of the gear pump.

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