In this research, heat transfer and pressure drop from a tube with vortex generators (VGs) insert are numerically investigated. The effects of heights, attack angles of VGs inside a tube on heat transfer and flow behavior are investigated. CFD simulations, with and without VGs insert, are done for an air flow range (Reynolds numbers 6000 to 33000) and for a constant heat flux on the tube model surface. Four VGs are fitted in a circular pattern on the inner surface of the tube. We studied the characteristics of the delta winglet VGs for different attack angles and blockage ratios. The Nusselt number and friction factor results show the influence of the VGs insert on heat transfer and frictional factor. The maximum Nusselt number increment (Nu/Nu0) was achieved to be 1.75 while the maximum friction factor increment (f/f0) was 3.21. In order to understand the flow behavior and different vortices, path lines released by the VGs surface and details of the vortices are also studied.

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