An experimental study on local heat transfer distributions and pressure loss in the closed matrix channels with an angle 45° has been conducted using liquid crystal thermography for a Reynolds number (Re) range 5800–14000. A total of five different configurations of matrixes have been considered for investigation. The thermo-hydraulic performance of the matrix structure with angle 45° is initially compared with that of the matrixes with angles 35° and 55° for a constant sub-channel aspect ratio (ARs) 0.8. Later, the sub-channel aspect ratio of matrix with angle 45° has been varied as 0.4 and 1.2 and the comparative results are presented. While comparing the performance parameters of different angles for the sub-channel aspect ratio 0.8, it is found that for lower Reynolds numbers (Re ≤ 8100), the angle 45° offers highest augmentation Nusselt number. However, for Re > 8100, the angle 55° showed the highest augmentation Nusselt number. It has been also observed that the sub-channel aspect ratio 0.8 presents the highest augmentation Nusselt numbers as compared to ARs = 1.2 and 0.4 for Re ≤ 12400. Whereas, the friction factor fairly decreases with the increase in the sub-aspect ratio. A significant effect of angle has been found for friction factor as compared to sub-channel aspect ratio. The highest thermal performance factor (1.13) is obtained for the matrix with angle 45° and sub-channel aspect ratio 0.8 at Reynolds number 8100.

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