Anemometry measurements are made on three novel, equilaterally staggered showerhead cooling configurations of jet impingement, for the leading edge of a gas turbine blade. In all the configurations, there are five jet impingement tubes in the form of a showerhead, wherein the central jet is circular and the remaining four neighboring jets have either circular or ±45° chamfer at one of its end. Flow characteristics of these jet configurations are analyzed by determining the mean velocity and the turbulent intensity of jets. The differences in the flow characteristics of these arrangements occur due to the changes in jet velocity profile and jet-to-jet interactions. The turbulent intensity is primarily responsible for augmentation in heat transfer of the test section. The uniform cooling of test section is represented by an “uniformity index” a high value of which is desirable for material durability. The Nusselt number is correlated with Reynolds number and turbulent intensity for all the three configurations.

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