In this paper, we present a new local-correlation based zero-equation transition model. The new model, which is derived from the local-correlation based one-equation gamma transition model (Menter, F. R., Smirnov, P. E., Liu, T., and Avancha, R., A One-Equation Local Correlation-Based Transition Model, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, vol. 95, 2015, pp. 583619.), does not require any additional equation to be solved, by defining a new variable, which captures the turbulent kinetic energy and intermittency collectively. The new model only adds three more source terms to the existing transport equation of turbulent kinetic energy. Hence the new model is straightforward to implement in already existing RANS solvers and reduces the computational memory requirement as compared to the other transition models. The transition prediction capability of the new model is tested and compared against the one-equation gamma transition model, especially for turbomachinery applications, where bypass transition is the primary transition mechanism, using a standard flat plate test case, and S809 airfoil. Preliminary results show that the new zero-equation transition model produces satisfactory results in terms of transition-location prediction.

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