High power demand, emission regulations, high efficient design are the prime requirement for the design of turbochargers. VGT (variable geometry turbocharging) is most widely used and explored compared to other available options to deal with today’s market. VGT turbochargers offers several potential benefits when compared to fixed geometry turbochargers, like increased transient response, wide operating range, improved torque characteristics, boost pressure recovery and better fuel economy. In this paper performance variation of compressor and turbine viz, — Pressure ratio, mass flow, and efficiency, and throat area are optimized to reach to the operating point of the engine. Different vane angles (0, +4°, +7°, +10° & +15°) are studied to understand the variation of transient turbine response. Authors also discussed the mechanical conceptualization of the VANT (Variable area nozzle) in thought of having great impact on the performance.

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