The aerodynamics design of a steam turbine stage is an agreement between the performance requirements and the mechanical limitations. The design of last stage of the low-pressure steam (LP) turbine is the most complicated because of the blade twist and a tapered blade along with high aspect ratio due to the sharp increase in the specific volume of the steam during its expansion. The choice of higher aspect ratio for increased power generation makes the turbine blade experience the vibration due to lower modal frequencies which depend on the running speed of a turbine. Therefore, the sensitive behavior of these blades is reduced by damping the blade vibrations which comes with the penalty of aerodynamic performance. The investigation reported here discusses the impact of lacing wire and snubber mounted at 70% blade span. Both, the lacing wire and snubber aligned parallel to the rotor axis deteriorates the efficiency by 0.75% and 1.7% respectively. However, the aerodynamically shaped snubber aligned with the streamline direction recovers the efficiency to that of base line. The mechanism of streamwise aligned snubber in containing aerodynamic performance loss is quite interesting and is being discussed.

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