Gas turbines Lifting devices (such as lifting lugs, eye bolts, trunnions, are provided on large stationary gas turbine parts as an aid in manufacturing, assembly, transport, shipping, test, installation, repair, and serviceability. Trunnions are used to lift the entire turbine including the base during assembly, transportation and installation Similarly, lugs are used to lift major components such as stator tube casings and subassemblies. In some circumstances there are geometric, fatigue, or assembly constraints that make the use of lugs problematic. In these circumstances, other approved lifting devices such as eye bolts, swivel hoist rings, and shackles may be used. Other devices may also be used for parts smaller than stator tube casings.

This paper presents the design and development of the Aeroderivative gas turbine lifting and support lug features which are used for lifting, handling and transportation of the full gas turbine. It describes the challenges encountered during development of LPT lifting lugs to meet product requirements. The effects of full engine deformations due to support legs under worst case conditions of full engine handling are presented here. The benefits resulted due change in lug position are explained which is leveraged for the final production design. It also talks about the various design options considered to reduce stresses and simplify the lugs manufacturing.

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