Driven by rapid development in battery technology and increase in scope for electric air taxi vehicles, developing an efficient combustion free propulsion system to pair with an electric aircraft is crucial for future of aircraft industry. However, with current technology, ducted fan configuration engines are the only feasible option when it comes to combustion free propulsion system which are already being used in many unmanned drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the present work, simple design, analysis and fabrication of ducted fan is performed. Propeller fan and duct is designed using basic principles of blade element theory and momentum theory. Using the parameters from the theoretical design phase, 3D model is made and fabricated using 3D printing and assembled to fit with tolerances suitable for mounting motor. A test stand capable of measuring thrust by varying rpm is designed and built using Arduino based interface. Finally, the designed model is analyzed in Ansys CFX for thrust output using an MRF simulation.

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