High performance and increased operating range of an axial compressor is obtained by employing three-dimensional design features, such as sweep, as well as shroud casing treatments, such as circumferential casing grooves. A number of different rotor blades with different amounts of sweeps and different sweep starting spans are studied at design speed. Different swept rotors, including zero sweep, are derived from Rotor37 rotor geometry. In the current study the best performing rotor with sweep is analyzed at part speed. The analyses were done for baseline rotor, devoid of any sweep, and with and without circumferential casing grooves. A detailed flow field investigation and performance comparison is presented to understand the changes in flow field at part speed. It is found that that at 100% design speed, stall margin improvement is achived by both sweep and casing grooves, but at 90% speed improvement in stall margin due to sacing groove is very minimal over and above the gain due to sweep. It is also noticed that due to reduced shock loss efficiency is higher at 90% speed than at 100% speed.

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