Additive manufacturing (AM) via the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) route is a new technology for both new make and repair application in gas turbine hot gas path components. This paper presents the development of a new oxidation coating Ceral 10 as a protective coating on the AM CoCrMo alloys. A high Al activity slurry aluminide coating (Ceral 10) was deposited on the DMLS CoCrMo. The coating produced on DMLS CoCrMo was uniform and intact having a thickness of ∼ 80–100 μm. The slurry aluminide coating showed an Inward diffusion with the DMLS CoCrMo substrate having an Al of 38–40 wt% and Si (12–13 wt%) after the diffusion heat treatment. The interface with the substrate was gradual in terms of chemistry with an interdiffusion zone of 15–20 μm. The Ceral10 coating showed limited oxidation up to 1038°C (1000 h) and at 1066°C (after 500 h), coating spallation occurred. The distinct thermally grown oxide between the coating-substrate interface led to the spallation. The effectiveness of the Ceral 10 coating to protect the DMLS CoCrMo alloy at high temperatures is evaluated via detailed microstructural characterization.

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