The present work describes the state-of-the-art technology for a Sideway Faced Porous Radiant Burner (SFPRB) of 10–15 kW capacity, operated by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) applicable for industrial furnace and incinerator. The newly developed SFPRB is a two layer burner, consisting of a reaction zone and a preheat zone. The combustion zone is of reticulated SiC ceramic matrix of porosity 90%, diameter 120 mm and thickness 20 mm and the preheat zone is of Al2O3 ceramic having 463 through holes (diameter 1.5 mm), with 15 mm thickness and 120 mm diameter. The work presents the effect of geometrical parameters (length of mixing pipe and diameter of orifice) on the radial temperature distribution of burner surface. Experimentation has been done in 15 kW input power to study the behavior of air-fuel mixture entering the burner. Ultimately, it is focused for uniform temperature distribution on the burner surface with a suitable arrangement. The work also presents a detailed account of the temperature distribution along the two main burner axes and the emission measurements (CO and NOx) for the suitable SFPRB. Investigation was done for an input power range of 10–15 kW with an equivalence ratio of 0.5.

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