In steam turbine power plants, the appropriate design of the last stage blades is critical in determining the plant efficiency and reliability. The development of LP module for desert applications is finding applications for a number of industrial steam turbine operating with air cooled condensers. The conventional LP Module for water cooled condenser operates at low back pressure (Pexit = 0.09 bar) and are generally not suitable for high back pressure application. This paper focuses on the aerodynamic design & optimization of last stages of LP blade module for high back pressure application and validation through 3D CFD. The guide and moving blade are designed with seven equally-spaced profiles section from hub to shroud through Axstream S/w. The profile and incidence losses are minimized for the design and off-design conditions.

Aeromechanical design of LP blade module consisting of 2 stages for 0.2 bar back pressure, 1.1 bar inlet static pressure and a mass flow of 61.2 kg/s is carried out. An optimization process through a streamline curvature code and design optimization software using Optimus is established and flow path contours is optimized thoroughly, a total to total efficiency of 81.4% is achieved for the rated condition. The off-design performance is investigated for a wide range of operating conditions, especially at low volume flow rate of steam condition.

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