Fractional-order modeling and controller design by a simplified way is the demanding research area and is gearing more and more momentum. This paper is the attempt of application of fractional-order modeling and controller design for the power plant gas turbine. The Gas Turbine is most important equipment in power, aviation and automotive industry. It converts the thermal energy of fuel into the mechanical power. Therefore, important requirement of gas turbine system is to control the flow of input fuel. The existing identified model of the gas turbine between the input fuel flow and the output speed, is of high-order and integer type, which is reduced to the simple and compact integer-order (IO) and fractional-order (FO) models using local optimization technique. The fractional-order internal model controller (FO-IMC) is designed and to show the performance efficacy it is compared with integer-order internal model controller (IO-IMC), which is also designed using the same methodology and specification. Simulation results show that FO-IMC based controller gives better performance for the set point tracking, plant uncertainty and disturbance rejection than the IO-IMC. FO-IMC controller also satisfy the robust stability condition.

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