This paper is concerned with the coupled thermo-mechanical stress analysis of functionally graded (FG) gas turbine rotor shaft system. Gas turbine shaft may expose in high temperature environments which demands to use functionally graded materials (FGMs). The aim of the present work is to study the stresses developed in the FG turbine shaft due to temperature variations and mechanical loading due to unbalance masses. For the present analysis aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and stainless steel (SUS304) are taken as shaft materials, power law gradation is used for the determination of FG material properties of the turbine shaft. Three nodded Timoshenko beam element with six degree of freedom (DOF) per node is considered for the finite element modelling of FG shaft. First order shear deformation theory (FSDT) is used with rotary inertia, strain and kinetic energy. Solution for governing equation of motion is obtained by the Hamilton principle. Complete MATLAB code has been developed for thermosmechanical stress analysis. Comparative study between steel shaft and FG shaft have been carried out. Normal stress (σxx) on plane perpendicular to axial direction, shear stress (τxr) on plane perpendicular to axial direction in radial direction and shear stress (τ) on plane perpendicular to axial direction in circumferential direction are obtained against time and along radius of shaft. Also these stresses are obtained for different parameters like power law indexes and speed of rotation of shaft.

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