The influence of deterministic surface texture on the sub-synchronous whirl stability of a rigid rotor has been studied. Non-linear transient stability analysis has been performed to study the stability of a rigid rotor supported on two symmetric journal bearings with a rectangular dimple of large aspect ratio. The surface texture parameters considered are dimple depth to minimum film thickness ratio and the location of the dimple on the bearing surface. Journal bearings of different Length to diameter ratios have been studied. The governing Reynolds equation for finite journal bearings with incompressible fluid has been solved using the Finite Element Method under isothermal conditions. The trajectories of the journal center have been obtained by solving the equations of motion of the journal center by the fourth-order Runge-Kutta method. When the dimple is located in the raising part of the pressure curve the positive rectangular dimple is seen to decrease the stability whereas the negative rectangular dimple is seen to improve the stability of the rigid rotor.

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