The gas turbine combustor liner which is subjected to high temperature requires efficient cooling. In earlier days concept of slot film cooling is utilized in the combustion liners and in modern combustors multiple row film cooling (effusion cooling) is mainly used. This study aims at the experimental investigation of overall film cooling effectiveness of an effusion plate with and without impingement holes at the backside. The experiments are done at different blowing ratios and the surface temperature measurements are taken using infrared thermography. The effusion and impingement holes are arranged in staggered manner on two parallel plates and each effusion hole is surrounded by four impingement holes. Effusion holes are drilled at an angle of 27° and the impingement plate is kept at a distance of 6D away from the effusion plate. The experiments are done on the effusion plate with and without impingement plate at the backside. The results show, increase in cooling effectiveness as the blowing ratio increases. The comparative results shows that at a particular blowing ratio the overall cooling effectiveness is higher for effusion plate with impingement holes at the backside due to the higher convective heat transfer coefficients produced by the impinging jets at the cold side of the effusion plate.

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