Circumferential nonuniformity of gas flow is one of the main problems that can occur in the gas turbine engine. Usually, the flow circumferential nonuniformity appears near the support, located in the flow passage of the engine. The presence of circumferential nonuniformity leads to the increased dynamic stresses in the blade rows and the blade damage. The goal of this research was to find the ways of the flow non-uniformity reduction, which would not require a fundamental changing of engine design. A new method for reducing the circumferential nonuniformity of gas flow was proposed. It has been suggested to increase the gap of the leading edges of support racks from the trailing edge of the upstream guide vane blades which will result in achieving the desired results. An important advantage of this method is that the internal cavities of racks remain unchanged for the placement of engine systems. Moreover, the proposed method allows the prediction of the pressure peak values after the rotor blades without .

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