Stator part of a centrifugal compressor stage is a proper object of study by CFD calculations meaning better understanding of flow behavior, checking of field type design methods and possible improvements. Several stators with vane and vaneless diffusers for stages with different specific speed were designed by standard methodology and numerically analyzed. Results were verified. Calculation in a whole has demonstrated validity of existing recommendation. The specific velocity for stators is introduced which can be applied to match an impeller and a stator. Calculations demonstrated quick efficiency drop for stators with specific speed less than 0,215. Return channel vane cascades were studied in wide range of solidity with constant vane height and with constant radial component of velocity. Empirical formulae with non-dimensional circulation as an argument are proposed for loss coefficient, profile loss coefficient, optimal incidence angle and exit lag angle. Candidates of the low specific speed stator have demonstrated that an arbitrary channels’ wideness to diminish friction losses is not effective. Better flow organization is preferable. Modification of a crossover demonstrated positive results for high and low specific speed stators.

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