A Numerical study of fluid flow, heat transfer and pressure drop in a stationary matrix cooling channel having an angle of 45 degrees for the three Reynolds numbers (24000<Re<60000) and four sub-channel aspect ratios (0.5<W/H<1.2) have been performed. This includes different shaped sub-channels such as Rectangular, U, and then two, three layered matrix combined with open and closed matrix channels. The simulation shows the development of vortices along the channel. The flow turning and impingement after hitting the side wall have significant contribution to the heat transfer enhancement. The Nusselt number and friction factor have been evaluated and compared with limited experimental results. The highest heat transfer enhancement is found at impingement region as the flow takes turn and impinges on to the wall. But slight enhancement in heat transfer is observed at turning region. The sub-channel aspect ratio has less impact on heat transfer enhancement, but more effect on pressure drop. The performance of closed matrix is relatively better than the open matrix one. The overall thermal performance (η) of the matrix having U sub-channel is nearly 10% higher than the rectangular sub-channel.

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