Experimental and computational heat transfer investigations are reported in the interior mid span of the pressure surface of a Nozzle Guide Vane (NGV) subjected to combined impingement and film cooling. The study is carried out by considering a two dimensional cascade domain having four passages formed between the five vane each has a chord length of 228 mm and spacing (between the blades) of 200 mm. The vane internal surface is cooled by two impingement inserts namely front and aft impingement tubes. The front impingement tube is used to cool the internal side of the leading edge of the NGV whereas the aft impingement tube is used to cool mainly the mid span of the internal surface. The mass flow through the impingement chamber is varied for a fixed target plate distance to jet diameter ratio of 1.12. The surface temperature at the mid chord region was measured by liquid crystal technique. The surface temperature obtained from both experiments and computations are compared and the computationally obtained average heat transfer coefficient distribution along chord reported. The flow structure variation along the chord and its effect on Nusselt number distribution is presented. The computation is carried out by using Shear stress transport (SST) k-ω turbulence model in the ANSY FLUENT-14 flow solver.

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