This paper presents a study of the seal of supporting element in aviation engines with consideration of the mutual influence of its leakage on parameters of internal air system and engine oil system. A method of seal leakage calculation was developed. It connects engine thermogasdynamics calculation, airflow hydraulics calculation and structural analysis of deformed parts. The main sources of heat transferred to the supporting element were determined; their numerical values and percentages for the compressor and turbine were also determined.

This paper provides options of cooling the turbine support for realization of this method. A way of cooling the support determines the quantity of heat supplied to the support. Thus, this article analyzes the sources of heat. Comparison the amount of heat from different sources also is carried out. The amount of heat is defined the temperature of the cooling air. The article provides a comparison of calculation results for different temperatures of the cooling air. After selecting the geometry of the seal system, and determining of the total amount of heat, single seal from the system was researched.

The main purpose of the paper is to explain the design of a single seal as part of whole seal system, which is used to cool the support of the aircraft engine.

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