Liquid fuel is introduced as spray into a gaseous crossflow in many combustion applications like afterburners in gas turbines, ramjet and scramjet combustors. The transport phenomenon of a polydisperse polykinetic spray injected with an inclination in a crossflow has been analysed using Quadrature Method of Moments. Providing an inclination angle to the spray has been accompanied with a more or less uniform distribution of particles, unlike a distinct segregation of larger and smaller diameter particles as observed in the case of vertical injection. The upstream inclined injection in the crossflow yielded a region of stagnation of particles, irrespective of their sizes. This region corresponds to the location where the spray particles equilibrate with the crossflow, whereby they lose their momentum and are swept away by the carrier phase. The downstream injection, on the other hand, showed distinct horizontal and vertical size-based segregation along with regions of accumulation of particles.

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