Increasing worldwide demand for electricity requires the need for harnessing different kinds of renewable energies like wind energy. An increase in prevalence of vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) has renewed interest in developing the new configurations of vertical axis wind turbines for better performance. This paper describes the performance analysis of a casement type vertical axis wind turbine (CTVAWT). The model of CTVAWT has been manufactured and tested to predict the performance. The performance analysis of CTVAWT was carried out by varying the control parameters such as wind speed and casement angle. The effect of each control parameter on the response parameters i.e. torque and power have been analyzed (by conducting various experiments of CTVAWT).The torque and power increases with increase in casement angle up to 40 degrees further decrease with increase in casement angle. From this analysis the newly developed CTVAWT is working efficiently at 40 degrees.

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