The service life of critical aerospace components is governed by the modes of degradation and failure such as: yielding, fatigue, fracture, creep, corrosion, wear, etc. A single disc is used for over-speed and burst-speed tests to know the growths (plastic deformation). In this paper, a cyclic symmetry sector of disc model with non linear elastic-plastic material is considered. A non-linear finite element method is utilized to determine the stress and strain state of the disc under over-speed and burst-speed conditions using material stress strain curves.

Permanent growths and strains obtained from the over-speed analysis are incorporated in the burst-speed Finite element Model. The original stress strain curve used in over-speed analysis is modified with plastic strain and used in burst-speed analysis of same disc.

Elastic strains obtained from the over-speed and burst-speed analysis are utilized in stress strain relationship equations to calculate the permanent growths at critical locations of disc.

Growths predicted from Analysis are comparable with the experimental results of disc where a maximum variation of 11% at bore and rim of disc is observed.

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