In the present work, graph theory and matrix method is used to analyze some of the heat recovery possibilities with the newly available gas turbine engines. The schemes range from dual pressure heat recovery steam generation systems, to triple pressure systems with reheat in supercritical steam conditions. From the developed methodology, result comes out in the form of a number called as index. A real life operating Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) is a very large and complex system. Efficiency of its components and sub-systems are closely intertwined and insuperable without taking the effect of others. For the development of methodology, CCPP is divided into six sub-systems in such a way that no sub-system is independent. Digraph for the interdependencies of sub-system is organized and converted into matrix form for easy computer processing. The results obtained with present methodology are in line with the results available in literature. The methodology is developed with a view that power plant managers can take early decision for selection, improvements and comparison, amongst the various options available, without having in-depth knowledge of thermodynamics analysis.

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