Gas Turbine development activities have been associated with development of different pumps and its allied subsystems used for fuel supply and lubrication oil supply at different engine operating condition.

2D transient flow analysis of a Dual pump has been carried out in an environment with an adverse pressure gradient to map important parameters like pressure, velocity, mass flow and effect of slip. Three achievable close tolerances were selected and carried out the analysis. Finally identified tolerance to be maintained during manufacturing based on the analysis.

A moving dynamic mesh concept was adopted because of its capability to facilitate solving transient flow problem and motion of the domain boundaries. A simulated motion control was decided based on the time step, angular velocities of gears rotation motion and coded through a User defined function (UDF) to give angular momentum. Each analysis was carried out for 180 degree of rotation. The main parameter mass flow rate was monitored for different speed and outlet pressures. A validation experimental test was carried out at one rpm thus build up a confidence in implant design synthesis to meet challenges in future.

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