Accurate gas turbine performance simulation is a vital aid to the operational and maintenance strategy of thermal plants having gas turbines as their prime mover. Prediction of the part load performance of a gas turbine depends on the quality of the engine’s component maps. Taking into consideration that compressor maps are proprietary information of the manufacturers, several methods have been developed to encounter the above limitation by scaling and adapting component maps.

This part of the paper presents a new off-design performance adaptation approach with the use of a novel compressor map generation method and Genetic Algorithms (GA) optimization. A set of coefficients controlling a generic compressor performance map analytically is used in the optimization process for the adaptation of the gas turbine performance model to match available engine test data.

The developed method has been tested with off-design performance simulations and applied to a GE LM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine operating in Manx Electricity Authority’s combined cycle power plant in the Isle of Man. It has been also compared with an earlier off-design performance adaptation approach, and shown some advantages in the performance adaptation.

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