Part-load performance prediction of gas turbines is strongly dependent on detailed understanding of engine component behavior and mainly that of compressors. The accuracy of gas turbine engine models relies on the compressor performance maps, which are obtained in costly rig tests and remain manufacturer’s proprietary information. The gas turbine research community has addressed this limitation by scaling default generic compressor maps in order to match the targeted off-design measurements. This approach is efficient in small range of operating conditions but becomes less accurate for wide range of operating conditions.

In this part of the paper a novel method of compressor map generation which has a primary objective to improve the accuracy of engine models performance at part load conditions is presented. This is to generate a generic form of equations to represent the lines of constant speed and constant efficiency of the compressor map for a generic compressor. The parameters that control the shape of the compressor map have been expressed in their simplest form in order to aid the adaptation process.

The proposed compressor map generation method has the capacity to refine current gas turbine performance adaptation techniques, and it has been integrated into Cranfield’s PYTHIA gas turbine performance simulation and diagnostics software tool.

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