This paper presents the influence of centrifugal (CF) loading of aero-engine rotor disc on fretting variables at a dovetail interface. A detailed investigation is carried out on the fretting variables such as contact traction, slip, and contact stress at macroscopic level. Three-dimensional (3D) finite element (FE) analysis approach is used for prediction of fretting variables. The study is carried out for frictionless and friction interface (μ = 0.7) for the case of Titanium alloy. The slip level increase of about 48 % and 110% is observed for frictional and frictionless condition respectively, due to rotational effect of disc. Different contact traction ratio distribution over the interface is also observed with the CF load of rotating disc. The study suggests the consideration of centrifugal loading effect is important for improved prediction of critical fretting variables, as they would impact the evaluation fretting fatigue and wear characteristics at the interface.

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