The present paper presents experimental results on the effects of inlet total pressure distortion on the performance and flow field of a centrifugal compressor. The total pressure at inlet is artificially distorted by means of a perforated sheet, which is supported by a support mesh. A total of eleven configurations, including clean inlet configuration, are tested. Performance measurements and impeller inlet and exit flow studies at three flow coefficients, one near design flow coefficient, one below design flow coefficient and one above design flow coefficient, are carried out. The present paper presents and discusses results at off-design flow coefficients and the effects of stage loading on the distortion effects are presented. A new parameter, Distortion Index (DI) is introduced. As DI increases, the mass averaged total pressure at exit stations decreases. Distortion sector angle of 60° having the lowest total pressure is found to be the critical sector for circumferential distortion configurations. As the Distortion Correlation parameter, DC(60) increases, the mass averaged total pressure for circumferential distortion configuration decreases, except in the case of low flow coefficient where DC(60) is nearly constant. DC(60) also increases with sector angle. The static pressure normalized with static pressure for clean inlet decreases as the distortion sector angle is increased. Distortion attenuates the static pressure as the flow passes through the vaneless diffuser. The attenuation increases with the distortion sector angle.

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